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Multiple Tyre-Road Tri-Axial Stress Transducer

Multiple Transducer for Investigation of Tyre-Road Tri-Axial Stress and Portable Measuring System with 90 Strain Conditioning Channels

Tri-Axial Stresses Measured for a Free Rolling Passenger Car Tyre and Longitudinal, Lateral and Vertical Stress Distributions

Hardware and Software for Calibration of Stress Measuring System

Flat Bed Movable Rig

The Flat Bed Movable Rig

Longitudinal and Lateral Tyre Stresses Measured using the Flat Bed Rig

Shear Stress in Tyre Contact Patch

Study of Tyre-Road Stress Sensing Principles

Strain Gauged Sensing Elements and Measured Tri-Axial Stresses

Study on the Dimensions and Sensitivity of Strain Gauged Elements

Tyre-Road Stress Investigation Using Piezoelectric Force Transducers

Tyre-Road Stress Investigation Using Piezoelectric Accelerometer and Finite Element Model

Truck Tyres Finite Element Models for Contact Stress Investigation